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Making Waves in Suburban Condo Living.

The promise of true suburban condo living is further fulfilled as Two Serendra ushers in its newest phase.


· river boat

· tree house

· hanging bridge

· splash pool

· forest walkway

· jogging trail

· open lawn

· day care center

· video game room

· juice or snack bar

· play area

· mini theater

· indoor basketball court, tennis and badminton court, multiple swimming pool

· 50-meter lap pool

Refresh your senses.  Renew your spirit.  Indulge in a fresher and greener Two Serendra. Imagine a series of high-rise sections emerging, each with a distinct personality, where city living and natural beauty meet in perfect harmony – all designed to put you a cut above the rest. The first of the series, The Aston at Two Serendra is designed with unique features and amenities perfectly suited for you. Something you’d love to experience every day.

70% open space filled with lush greenery and water element, and 30% on structural


Mobile: (0063)917-532-9252


For more details and model units viewing, please contact:

View of the main amenity area

View of The Aston at McKinley Parkway

Two Serendra offers resort-style living with its new high-rise section – The Aston. The first of the series, The Aston boasts of unique features that provide a blend of fun and leisure. You’ll find a children’s paradise where a river boat is docked by a splash pool and a bridge leads to a tree house. The Aston is an excellent gathering spot and recreational place where family-friendly activities abound.


The expansive swimming pools are the centerpiece of the landscape – meeting the recreational needs of the residents while at the same time providing a lush atmosphere for the whole development.



There’s much to be discovered and enjoyed at The Aston at Two Serendra. A lush and invigorating experience just outside your door.

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