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Imagine working just a few blocks away from home, just minutes away from the finest mall and living the lifestyle that only the heart of a cosmopolitan city like Makati could offer. Located at the very heart of Makati Central Business District, The Columns Legaspi Village is within walking distance to about 240 office buildings that surround the area. Residents will be able to embrace and experience the fast-paced, rewarding urban way of life that bustling city has to offer.




Recreational Club:


Consider the impressive range of amenities right within the condominium development. Stretching across the 2-towers is the Recreational Club of The Columns Legaspi Village. It is an idyllic place for various pursuits of leisure and relaxation.




The two towers of The Columns Legaspi Village is the statement built to flatter the skyline with its uniquely perpendicular design. Its modern mix of concrete and glass impresses you with a feel of exciting city-living, yet the towers mirror the sense of peace and security you get within its own private complex.


MODERN, EXCITING, AND TIMELESS RESILIENT, the architecture embodies the spirit of city-living along with the promise it brings.



“Live a few steps from everything...”

For more details and model units viewing, please contact:


Mobile: (0063)-918-930-0038


“Fitness Hub” —  450 sqm. Fitness gym

The Ideal Plan:


Cleverly designed with the demands of modern city life in mind, the space-efficient layout of The Columns Legaspi Village maximizes the architectural design and perfect curvature of the two towers.

Location Map:

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